Heritage Hubs



Heritage Hubs is a European project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme. The goals of Heritage Hubs are:

  • To enhance the role of cultural heritage in the everyday lives of young people;
  • To strengthen the participation of young people in the cultural heritage process;
  • To support the formation of healthy cultural identities;
  • To enhance the intercultural exchange, learning from others and understanding the meaning of cultural diversity;
  • To deepen the European network of cultural heritage education actors;
  • To increase the awareness at European level of the importance of engaging young people in the cultural heritage process;
  • To let videos and other digital material be produced by young people on cultural heritage;

For whom?

The project will impact on the following target groups:

  • Pupils/students: are the most important stakeholders of the project. The project offers the possibility for inspiration, identity formation, developing new skills and wellbeing through cultural heritage;
  • Teachers the project offers inspiration for the teaching through presenting an innovative practice on heritage and intercultural education;
  • Schools are the associates of the project and operate in close cooperation with the national partner organisation acting as a coordinator;
  • Partners and other cultural organizations: the project offers new insights on collaboration with the educational sector, new ways of working, new colleagues and networks;
  • A wider network of stakeholders in national and in European level: the project offers visible evidence and new insights on the positive effects gained through cross-sectoral collaboration


The project provides opportunities to recognise and understand that many traditions come from the same European background sharing historical similarities. This will deepen the understanding of the meaning of the cultural heritage for the individual wellbeing as well as for a group and a community, and it will increase respect towards the cultural heritage of others and the feeling of belonging to a common cultural space.