Heritage Hubs

The Sharing heritage Platform: a tool to foster intercultural exchange among students

Heritage Hubs project is taking off!

The Sharing Heritage platform has been developed and now teachers with students can discuss during classes about the importance of intercultural knowledge and exchange.

The platform has been realized according to the needs of Heritage Hubs’ partners and teachers, taking into account the schools from Finland, Spain and Serbia involved in the project. In fact, with this easy to use tool, teachers with students can view interesting contents, such as texts, videos and pictures, discovering other Countries’ cultural Heritage. They can also leave a comment to the resources in order to interact each other, fostering the exchange of points of view among classes.

This platform is a starting point of the Sharing Heritage process that will start in the next months with real schools’ visits with pupils!

Meanwhile, even if the platform is close, take a look to its open resources (pictures and videos) available on Heritage Hubs website!

Visit the Photogallery: https://heritagehubs.eu/photo-gallery/

Visit the Videogallery: https://heritagehubs.eu/video-gallery/